Map Bot

Materials list
1) PIC18F6722 Dev Board and the CCS compiler This is the brain
2) Bend Sensor - These are used as feeler whiskers
3) Servo This is used as a turret with the ultrasonic sensor on top to give that sensor a better view
4) SRF05 Ultrasonic Sensor This uses ultrasound to detect how far objects are away
5) HM55B Compass This helps figure out which direction Map Bot is facing
6) L298 Motor Controller This controls the two motors
7) Wheel Watcher Module This acts as an odometer so Map Bot knows how far it has traveled
8) Robot Body I used mostly wood, but feel free to use whatever you want

Design Details
The purpose of this robot is have a bot that can go around and map out a single floor of my house and then use that map to intelligently traverse the mapped area. So far Ive only written some diagnostic software to verify all the subsystems of this robot are functioning properly. Once Ive gotten the software to do this mapping written, Ill update this page.

This is a huge step up in comparison to my previous Light Bot. Ive spent months researching various sensors and sub-systems for this robot. You can see in the materials lists all the links to these components. Im not going to go over how I connected all these sub-systems together because that is all laid out for you in the circuit diagram.

Here is the source code: Diagnostics Source
Here is the circuit diagram: Map Bot
Here are some pictures: left, right, front, back, top, bottom

Please email any questions/comments/errors to