Servo Control Software

Materials List
1) Servo motor - Any servo will work, but I used this this tiny Hitec HS-55 servo.
2) Microcontroller and a way to program it - I used a PIC18F6722 dev board.

Design details
The hardware part of this hooking up a servo to my micro controler was a piece of cake. Just hook up the power, the ground, and a single control wire to my microcontroller and I was was good to go. The software to handle this was a little more difficult but still pretty easy. My software uses interupts and a single funciton where you input -90 to 90 degrees to specify where you want to servo arm to go. This interface is very useful if you want to accurate control of a servo, but could also be use for those projects where you are planning to use continous rotation servos.

Here is the souce code for the CCS C compiler: source code
Here is the circuit diagram: Servo Circuit

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